Call: 01630 647457

On the day

When you call to book we’ll arrange a two hour time slot.

Access to your fireplace

It would be really helpful if you could clear a working area in front of the fireplace (six feet by six feet would be ideal) and ensure there is access through the house for our equipment – the width of a doorway would be perfect.

We’d also appreciate it if you could clear any ash and debris from the hearth, although we don’t mind doing this for the elderly or infirm.

It is also a good precaution to move items and ornaments from the mantelpiece and cover any furniture in the immediate vicinity although in reality soot travelling away from the fireplace is almost never an issue.

What we’ll do


Our floor sheets in use

When we arrive we’ll lay floor sheets as required (see photos for the general idea) and seal up the opening of the fireplace to contain the soot whilst we sweep.

Upon completion we’ll smoke test your chimney and test any carbon monoxide detectors in the room (compulsory from October 2015 in rented property and public access building, eg pubs and hotels). You’ll then get a certificate for the work carried out with advice on the next sweeping date.

Aside from a bag of soot for your wheelie bin or compost heap there should be very little evidence that we were ever there.

Birds’ nests

Birds nests can be slightly dusty, mainly because unlike soot they can’t be hoovered up. Normally we wrap the nest up in a sheet and leave in your compost wheelie bin or make a nice pile for a bonfire!

Please note we do not clear birds nests between March & September as the Countryside and Wildlife Act prohibits this, and in any event bringing live birds down the chimney is not at all desirable for you or us.

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